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Mangshan Forest Hot Spring Resort

Updated: Oct 26, 2018 Print
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Mangshan Forest Hot Spring Resort [Photo/]

The Mangshan Forest Hot Spring Resort is made up of a five-star hotel, a hot spring ecological center, an indoor spa and an ecological agriculture manor. The resort and its hot springs are the ideal place for holidays as they integrate entertainment, health, culture, leisure, sightseeing, tourism and meetings. The forest coverage here has reached 99 percent.

The Mangshan forest hot spring comes from 600 meters under Mangshan mountain. It is located in the center of the forest and passes through four geological layers before surfacing. The temperature of the hot spring hits a maximum of 55.5 C and the daily water output can reach more than 3,000 tons. The local hot springs are confirmed to contain medical metasilicic acid water, the best hot spring for human health. The hot spring area has three parts: the indoor hot spring, the outdoor hot spring and the entertainment room. More than 60 hot spring pools in the forest will provide a romantic and comfortable environment for tourists to relax.

In addition, hydrotherapy, health massages, foot bathing, saunas, beauty treatments and other services are also available in the resort.

Address: Mangshan National Forest Park, Chenzhou, Hunan province

Tel: 0731-85997080


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