Henan Xianhe Special Pulp & Paper Co

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Henan Xianhe Special Pulp & Paper Co

Henan Xianhe Special Pulp & Paper Co is the only pulping and papermaking enterprise in Nanyang. It has pulping capacity of 51,000 tons per year and a comprehensive paper production capacity of 100000 tons per year.

The company is situated south of the Yellow River in an area rich in wheat straw, Chinese alpine rush and poplar trees. The company's papermaking leads the province with its first-class technology and equipment. It is also noted for its work in environmental protection and pollution control. 

The company has various paper products, including non-carbon paper, thermal paper, and high-grade culture paper. The chlorine free bleached wheat straw pulp technology is suitable for making food additives. These products are widely used in food and the medicine industry and have been exported to Europe. 

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