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Changnanjing Old Path

Restored Changnanjing Old Path, a testament to Zhuhai and Macao's history of transportation and window to Xiangshan historic culture, reopened to the public on Oct 1, 2018. Since then, it has functioned as a leisurely hiking trail for residents and visitors.


Aerial view of Changnanjing Old Path

With original building time unrecorded, the ancient route was part of the Xiangshan Old Post Roads along with Nanjing, Qi'ao, and Fenghuang (Phoenix) Mt old roads and the Jinxingmen Waterway in Zhuhai. They once were the only travel routes from Guangzhou to Zhuhai and Macao, and now have become a demonstration section of various types of Southern Guangdong Old Post Roads.


Rock carvings [Photo by Chen Ying / Zhuhai Daily]

The 6-km (3.7-mile) Changnanjing Old Path connects Tangjianwan's Guantang Village in Jinding with Qianshan's Dongkeng Village through Fenghuang Mt. It was restored during the reign of Emperor Yung-cheng (Yongzheng) in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Numerous historic relics remain.


Putuo Temple [File photo]

Visitors can take in the stunning scenery of Fenghuang Mt and a galloping waterfall while admiring the Changnan Three-Hole Bridge, Laiyi Pavilion, a reservoir, culvert relics, rock carvings and more. They can also pay homage to the Putuo Temple along the way. Kindling a fire is strictly forbidden.


Three-Hole Bridge

The restoration was initiated by the Zhuhai Housing & Urban-Rural Planning & Construction Bureau in 2017 to repair damaged flagstone paths, pavilions, and sightseeing decks in harmony with the landscape. 


Running water over stone

In addition to stone benches, the old path now has roadside signs describing different types of remaining drainage systems, how the road was built, and historical points of interest.


Mountain creek

Accesses to the ancient road are located north of Putuo Temple near the Agricultural Scientific Research Center in Qianshan, and south of the bus stop of Beijing Normal University-Hong -- Kong Baptist University United International College (UIC) in Jinding.


Rest Station 400 m from Putuo Temple

The hike takes about two hours. One can take Bus 26, 36, 70 or B9 from downtown areas to Putuo Temple (普陀寺) at Qianshan's Dongkeng, and ride a Hellobike, Mobike, or Ofo to the entrance of the Old Path some 400 m away. There is also a free parking lot at either Putuo Temple or the Old Path.


Viewing deck [Photos courtesy]

At the other end of the path lies the Yuanfang Rest Station, where one can keep walking for some 1 km to the terminal -- the UIC New Cultural Village (students' dorm cluster) in Jinding Town of Tangjiawan. The well-designed novel complex features catering, entertainment, and shopping facilities with Buses 10a, 69, 70, 72a, B9 and K3 passing by. 

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