Five popular street food locations in Dalian

Updated: Sep 30, 2018 Print
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Crowds of people on a food street [Photo/VCG]

Streets dedicated to selling inexpensive snacks that can be eaten on the go are the best places for visitors to taste local delicacies. Following are the five popular snack streets in Dalian, Northeast China’s Liaoning province, offering delicious food at a low price. 

1. Xian Road Snack Street

For local food scouts, Xian Road is paradise, with stalls selling food lined up one after another, offering a wide varieties of snacks, including grilled seafood, barbecue cold noodles and kabobs.

One must-try dish here is Wuhan-style noodles. In Chinese it is called “hot and dry noodles with sesame paste.” The noodles are a famous specialty from Wuhan, Hubei province, and the ones sold at this location carry the authentic flavor of Wuhan.


Wuhan-style hot noodles with sesame paste [Photo/IC]

Star ratings: ★★★★

Address: Xian Road, Shahekou district 

2. Qingniwa Bridge

The area is located in the city center and is always crowded with people. All kinds of snack food popular with locals can be found there, including Haixianmenzi or pan-fried potato jelly with seafood and Xianyubingzi or pancakes with salted fish.

One BBQ stall on the first floor of Dashang New Mart is strongly recommended to visitors. The fried chicken gizzard and mutton skewers are especially juicy and meaty.


Chicken kabobs [Photo/VCG]

Star ratings: ★★★★★

Address: next to the Dalian Railway Station

3. Zhongyuan Snack Street

Visitors can enjoy the food on the 200-meter-long street at all hours of the day.


Traditional Chinese sticky tofu [Photo/IC]

A queue of people is always found in front of the sticky tofu stall. The tofu only costs two yuan ($0.29) but is to die for, being crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. 

Star ratings: ★★★

Address: No 41 Zhongyuan Street, Zhongshan district

4. Daijie Street

The Daijie Street is a must-go destination for visitors. Located in a renovated old market, the street is only 50 meters long. The street is in an antique but exquisite style and a perfect spot to take photos.

Star ratings: ★★★

Address: No 40 Beidou Street, Zhongshan district 

5. Heishijiao Snack Street

Heishijiao Snack Street is famous for fresh seafood, including oysters, scallops, clams and crayfish. It is popular among local seafood lovers.

Star ratings: ★★★

Address: No 255 Jianshan Street, Shahekou district


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