Lucky Huaguang Graphics Co

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Lucky Huaguang Graphics Co

Lucky Huaguang Graphics Co., Ltd (乐凯华光印刷科技有限公司) is a large state-owned  enterprise that manufactures offset printing plates, graphic art films, and flexographic printing plates to serve the printing industry in many different ways. Lucky Huaguang was founded in 1972, began operating in 1977, and relocated in 1997.  

It has an annual production capacity of 90 million square meters of offset printing plates, 20 million square meters of silver salt film, 5,000 tons of polyester film, 700,000 square meters of flexographic plates, and 10 million square meters of PCB film. Lucky Huaguang is also a state-level enterprise technology center, owning a postdoctoral workstation with more than 800 doctors and professionals specializing in scientific research and engineering technology. The company has many national and provincial key R&D projects, and has applied for 163 patents, with 89 succeeding. 

The company supports clean production and pollution control work by investing in and building supporting treatment facilities for wastewater, organic waste gas, and others to meet pollutant discharge standards and achieve good social, economic, and environmental benefits. 

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