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Dongda Mongolian King Group Co, formerly known as Dongda Cashmere Products Co, is a large conglomerate involved in the real estate, cashmere, agricultural, hospitality, logistics and culture industries.

Established in 1996, it now owns 74 firms and has total assets of 18 billion yuan ($2.63 billion). 

The company has paid more than 4 billion yuan in taxes, and helped over 5,000 laid-off workers to find new jobs. It has invested 320 million yuan in welfare, and around 260 children suffering from congenital heart disease have benefited from a fund set up by the company. 

The firm has always focused its development strategy on rural urbanization, poverty alleviation and conservation, investing a total of 12 billion yuan to tackle these issues. Around 120,000 farmers and herdsmen have increased their incomes thanks to the projects initiated by the company. 

In 1996, the company invested 300 million yuan to plant salix mongolicas in the Kubuqi Desert, helping tackle the impact of desertification on 66,667 hectares of land. 

At the Belt and Road International Forum for Non-governmental Cooperation on Ecological Management, held in the city of Wuwei, Northwest China’s Gansu province, on Sept 13, Dongda Mongolian King Group Co, along with the other two companies in Ordos, were named and praised by Forbes China for their efforts to tackle environmental problems. 

Address: Shulinzhao town, Dalad Banner, Ordos, Inner Mongolia autonomous region

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