CRSC-developed devices for Moscow-Kazan high-speed rail line pass test

Updated: Sep 19, 2018 Print
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The ZDJ9 electric switch machine and a new type of external locking and installation device for the Moscow-Kazan high-speed railway recently passed muster at the experimental level.

The devices, reliable high-speed signal core equipment independently developed for high-speed rail lines by a Chinese enterprise -- Xi'an Rail Transit Industry Co of the China Railway Signal & Communication (Group) Corp Limited (CRSC) -- were announced as meeting the trains' requirement of being able to run at a planned speed of 400km/h in minus 50 degrees Celsius weather.

The ZDJ9 electric switch machine transforms the rotation movement into linear movement through deceleration of reducer and ball screws to pull the turnout, and provides safe, efficient and reliable signal controls for the entry and exit of the high-speed train and line changes automatically and rapidly via the automatic and fast conversion of the turnout.

The machine has been widely applied on the Harbin-Dalian High-speed Railway -- China's first such railway in a frigid zone.

The proposed 770-km Moscow-Kazan high-speed rail line will have a total of 15 stops, linking Russia's capital and the capital of the Russian Republic of Tatarstan.

Its maximum speed can reach 400 km/h. It will be the only railway line that can handle a speed exceeding 200km/h in Russia. As a prioritized project carried out after the meeting between the prime ministers of China and Russia, it is one of the demonstration projects of China's speedy bullet train exports.

It is also a high-speed railway designed by China with independent intellectual property rights. The equipment for the project is also manufactured by Chinese enterprises. The designers and manufacturers of the electric switch machine for the Moscow-Kazan high-speed railway are CRSC's research & design institute group and Xi'an Rail Transit Industry Co, respectively. They also developed and manufactured the external locking and installation device.

The success of the experiment offers a great deal of scientific data and valuable experience for the production and experiment of turnout conversion equipment in a frigid environment, improving the ability of turnout conversion equipment to adapt to a complex environment and speeding up the "going out" of China's high-speed rail equipment.

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