Cycling on Zhuhai Greenways

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Romantic Coastline Provincial Greenway Line 1: Gangwan Avenue – Lovers Avenue – East Hengqin Ring Road

Starting from Jinding in Tangjiawan to Hengqin New Area with a length of 70 km (43.5 miles), the greenway takes 5 hours to cover.

The line runs across Huitong Village, Beijing Normal University Zhuhai, Tangjia Town (which holds Tong Shao-yi's former residence and private garden Gongleyuan Park), Qi'ao Island, Tong Kwo On (Tang Guo'an) Memorial Hall, Sun Yat-sen University Zhuhai Campus, Fenghuang Mt, renewed Sea & Sky Rest Station Park, new Zhuhai Museum & Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, Yeli Island (site of Zhuhai Opera House and offshore leisure and recreation commercial complex Hi City), Shijing Mt, Haibin Park, Zhuhai Fisher Maiden, Haibin Beach (City Parlor), Love Post Office, Shihua Mt, Jiuzhou Port, Chimelong International Ocean Tourist Resort, and Hengqin Mangzhou Wetland Park.


Huitong Village [Photo by Chen Chunlan]

Urban Line 3: Meihua Road – Santaishi Road – Yanhe Road

It takes around 1.2 hours to ride through the 18-km (11.2-mile) greenway along the main roads.

The line connects Agricultural Paradise, Meixi Royal Stone Archways, Former Residence of Chun Afong (Chen Fang), Gu Yuan Museum of Art, Shixi Park, Sports Center, Zhuhai Library, and Xiangshan Greenway Rest Station.


Former Residence of Chun Afong (Chen Fang) [Photo courtesy WeChat ID: zhmeixi002]

Urban Footprint Line: Jiuzhou Avenue – Zhuhai Avenue

Cycling the 53-km (33-mile) greenway, which links the urban ecological corridors of the East and West wings of Zhuhai, takes 3.5 hours.

The line runs through Bailiandong (White Lotus Cave) Park, New Yuanming Palace, Banzhang Mt Forest Park, Beishan Village, Zhuxiandong Park (Bamboo Immortals Cave) Park, and Huafa Mall.


Yang Great Ancestral Hall in Beishan Village [Photo by Tang Qunsheng]

Waterfront Line: Provincial Highway S272: Doumen District

It takes 5.3 hours for cyclists to cover the 80-km (50-mile) north-south line. It runs through Shili Lianjiang Agriculture Sightseeing & Experience Garden, Baiteng Lake, Jianfeng Mt Forest Park, Doumen Public Park, Huafa Aquatic Villa Provincial Wetland Park, Xihu Park, Jinwan Aviation New Town, Jinshan Park, and other attractions featuring eco-tourism and riverbank folk customs.


Shili Lianjiang Agriculture Sightseeing & Experience Garden [Photo courtesy WeChat ID: shililianjiang8]

Historical & Cultural Provincial Greenway Line 4: Huangyang Avenue, Doumen District

The 15.8-km (9.8-mile) line takes an hour to ride. The greenway strings together Huangyang Mt, Jintai Temple, Doumen Old Street, Jiexia Village, Zhao Ancestral Hall, Luyi Ancestral Hall, and other widely known historical sites.


Doumen Old Street [Photo courtesy WeChat ID: dmlvyoujv]

Leisure & Resort Line: County X582 Highway -- Zhuhai Avenue, Doumen & Jinwan districts

The 3-hour-ride greenway stretches 47 km through Doumen and Jinwan districts in the West Wing of the city. It contains Yu Wen Quan Imperial Hot Springs Resort, Doumen Central Town, HKCTS Ocean Spring Resort, Feisha (Flying Sand) Beach, and other holiday-making attractions.


Yu Wen Quan Imperial Hot Springs Resort [Photo courtesy WeChat ID: dmlvyoujv]

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