Best towns and villages to visit in Ningbo

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3. Hengjie Town



Hengjie Town sits in the mid-west of Haishu district, close to Yinjiang Town in the south. It boasts rich soil, dense forests and abundant produce, and is known as "the home to bamboo shoots in China" because of its 3,400-hectare bamboo forest. There are 18 restaurants in the town for you to feast on the local fresh produce.

Every April, the town will see a bamboo-themed tourist festival, where visitors may enjoy the beautiful scenery of a bamboo scenic spot and savor the fresh bamboo shoots.

In addition to bamboos, the town also features a museum of revolutionary relics, housing sculptures of six local revolutionary martyrs, as well as over 100 related pictures and 200 cultural relics, most of which are donated by local people. 

Address: Mid-west of Haishu district, Ningbo city

Traffic: Bus No 624 or 622


4. Jiulonghu Town


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Known as the "back garden of Ningbo", Jiulonghu Town is located in the north of Zhenhai district, facing Mount Putuo to the east and the Ningshao Plain to the west. With an ecological forest of 3,500 hectares, ecological agriculture is developed on its land, with vegetables and tea being its famous produce. The green tea and white tea produced in Jiulonghu Town is well-known in China, as well as its bamboo shoots, oranges and waxberries.

The town is also famous for its four reservoirs, all of which possess good water quality and beautiful surrounding scenery. On Dapeng Mountain east of the Jiulonghu Scenic Spot, there are many places of interest, including some Buddhist temples, pavilions, caves and kilns. 

Address: In the north of Zhenhai district, Ningbo city

Traffic: Bus No: 379 or 377

5. Hengxi Town


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Hengxi Town is a mountain area located between the Yindong Plain and Jin' e Mountain, in the south of Yinzhou district, 22 kilometers away from the city center. The tea here is also well-known nationwide, as the town is one of the tea production bases of the district.

The Jin' e Mountain Scenic Spot is a must place to visit in this town, which features two stunningly beautiful mountains and a grand reservoir. The two Buddhist temples built on the mountain by ancient Buddhist masters are also a good place to learn about Buddhist culture and secure peace of mind.

In addition, the town boasts 26 ancient trails for local residents and visitors to go hiking and climbing. Two of the city's tourism bases for hiking are also located in the town. 

Address: Between the Yindong Plain and Jin' e Mountain, in the south of Yinzhou district, Ningbo city.

Traffic: Bus No 111 or 629

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