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Inner Mongolia Berun Group, based in Dongsheng district, Ordos, is a conglomerate primarily engaged in energy and chemical engineering. It also diversifies itself into other businesses such as logistics trade, real estate, hotel services and deep processing of agricultural products.

Recognized as one of the key enterprises in Ordos and Inner Mongolia autonomous region, the company has China’s largest natural gas-to-methyl alcohol production base and the largest demonstration base for its circular economy mode in natural alkali industry. 

By the end of 2017, the group's total assets had reached 28 billion yuan (4.1 billion dollars) with annual business revenue of 10.4 billion yuan. 

The total number of employees is more than 6,000. 

The group has more than 60 affiliates, including Yuanxing Energy Co (a listed company), Henan Zhongyuan Chemical engineering Co, Boyuan Liaherd Co, Boyuan Coal Chemical Engineering Co and Boda Real Estate Co. These affiliates have all passed the ISO9001 Quality Certification. 

Some of its larger affiliates have obtained the ISO 14001 Certification in Environmental Management and OHSAS18001 Certification in Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series. 

The two brands owned by Berun, Yuanxing and Malan, are both well-known trademarks in China, and the “Yuanxing” sodium carbonate is recognized as one of China’s brand-name product. 

The group has a national-level technical center and has achieved more than 50 technical achievements, 17 of which were honored by the national or regional authorities. 

The company has exclusive rights to the core technology used in its principal products. In 2006, the regional authorities approved to set in motion a post-doctoral station in Berun. 

In recent years, Berun has been aiming to build an industrial base of chemical engineering, energy and coal chemical engineering that features high technology and circular economy. 

It has completed the construction on China’s largest natural gas-to-methyl alcohol base at the Uxinzhao Eco-industrial Park located in the city’s Uxin Banner. The production capacity of the base is able to reach 1.35 million tons every year.

It has also completed the construction on a natural alkali demonstration base for its circular economic mode in Tongbai county, Henan province. Its annual output capacity has reached 2 million tons. 

Out of all the varieties of products the group produces, baking soda plays a leading role in domestic markets. The sodium carbonate produced by the company can be ranked fourth in terms of its domestic market share, and the methyl alcohol it produces leads the market in terms of sales volume. 

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