Tentative Management Rules of Hefei Industry Investment Projects

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Printed and Distributed by Hefei Economy and Trade Committee as No.HJ〔2004〕193 in the year 2004


Article 1 According to the outline of the project of constructing important domestic and international manufacturing and processing base of Hefei, and relative national and provincial documents, the following rules are made to further intensify the management to industry investment project.

Article 2 The aim of formulating this rule is to enlarge my city industry investment, impel the enterprise technology advancement, adjust the product structure, enhance the economic efficiency, taking the project as the gripping device, backing on the industrial project storehouse, take the plan "1,346" into practice sound and in order; Persist on scientific development, enhance the technique reform and innovation of key product, key enterprise and key industry, to impel the city 's economy to develop fast and healthily, to make sound base for a faster accomplishment of modern city and a model-like construction of comparatively good living standard. 

Article 3 The determination of industry investment project should abide by following rules: 

(1) Persist on the rule of policy guidance. The choosing of the project shall be directed by national policy of industry and technique and abide by the industry development program, the investment directing catalogue, and the investment determination item. Take product as the center,
(2) Persist on the technology advancement principle. We shall according to "the quality, the variety, the benefit" and the substitution import request, makes use of the high and new technology and advanced suitable technology positively to carry on the transformation, raises the technical equipment level to save energy, improve quality, increase variety, adjust product structure, improve environment and the safety production condition, comprehensively enhances the economic and social benefit of the enterprise. 

(3) Persist on the entire -process- management principle. We shall observe the present policy, implement the entire -process- management of the project, establish the project responsibility system, attach importance to the scientific policy-making of the earlier period of the project, pays special attention to the project implementation, completion and benefit inspection after investment. Strengthen the fund supervision especially the direct financing such as stocks, enhance the use quality and level of the fund. 

Article 4 City Economic and Trade Committee manages the Hefei industry investment project and the technological transformation project, be responsible for the instruction, the coordination, the supervision of the relative project.

Article 5 This policy is applicable to the industry investment project in Hefei administrative region (including county, district and development zone), whatever the ownership nature of project -undertaking enterprise is.


Article 6 Project classification shall be divided according to following standard:

(1) Above-norm project: Namely the above quota project, refers to the total fixed asset investment above 30 million Yuan (including 30 million Yuan); the energy raw and semifinished materials industries fixed asset total investment above 50 million Yuan (contains 50 million Yuan) the technological transformations project, or importing the project with remitting the technology of volume of more than 5 million dollars (contains 5 million US dollars).

(2) Below-norm project: Namely the below quota project. Is refers to the fixed asset total investment below 30 million Yuan; the technological transformations project that energy and raw materials industries fixed asset total investment below 50 million Yuan; or importing the project with remitting the technology of volume of less than 5 million dollars. 

(3) Small project: Refers to the technological transformations project that the fixed asset total investment below 3 million Yuan (does not contain 3 million Yuan). 

Article 7 Main document about the earlier period preparatory work of the project: 

(1) Project proposal letter: It is the official basis of the earlier period work of project. The main content includes: enterprise elaboration; project elaboration; market forecast; the aim and content of reform; environmental protection, fire prevention, safety in production and professional health, energy conservation measures, implementation project plan, the total investment and the fund raise, economic and social benefit analysis and so on. 

(2) Feasibility study report. It's the essential link to raise the level of decision and strengthen the project management. The main content includes: general description, the basis and the necessity of the project proposed, the basic condition of the undertaking enterprise, market forecast and product plan, material supply and the public facility situation, the general transformation plan, the transformation condition and the factory site choice plan, the environmental protection, the fire prevention, the safety in production and the professional health, the energy conservation measures, the enterprise organization, fixed number of work labor and the personnel training, the project action program, the total investment estimate and the fund raise, economic benefit analysis, the conclusion and suggestion and so on.

(3) Preliminary design. It 's the main basis that the project organizes working, completes approval and benefit inspection. The main content includes: outline; basis and scope of the design; the main content of the transformation; product ional program; constructional condition; plan's summary and overall target; each special design program; the organizations and the worker; environmental protection, fire prevention, safety in production and professional health, energy conservation measures; welfare facility; project implementation progress; the total investment budget and the fund raise; economic technical analysis; conclusion and so on. 

(4) Technological transformation plan. Small technological transformations project with Fixed asset total investment below 3 million Yuan or mainly the single equipment renews project; After the project proposal letter, only arrange the technological transformations plan to replace the feasibility study report; The main content includes: Project name; Undertaking enterprise and person in charge; Project, technology, economical person in charge; Transformable reason; Project condition; Transformable content; Investment budget and capital source; Implementation progress; Economic benefit analysis and so on.

Article 8 The earlier period preparatory work of the project refers to the preparatory work from project proposing to the annual plan to begin. The earlier period preparatory work of the project in principle may be divided into three steps: project proposal letter...feasibility study report( above-norm project shall attach design assignment letter )...and preliminary design.

Article 9 The earlier period working document of the project is the implementation basis. It is organized by the consultation, the scientific research and the design intermediate organization entrusted by the enterprise and carry on the appraisal; as for the significant project, the enterprise shall invite experts to appraise the system. 


Article 10 After the completion of the earlier period work of the project, the city economic and trade committee carries on earnest examination and selection according to the national industrial policy ,the profession development plan and Hefei industry developmental strategy, Every product has the market, has the competitive power, has the benefit and has completed the earlier period preparatory work of the project, also conforms to one of following conditions, may bring into line with the Hefei industrial project storehouse.

(1) Be listed in the national, the provincial plan, the city "1,346" plan and the city key industrial project. 

(2) Three pillar industries namely automobile and engineering machine, domestic electric appliances, chemical industry and new building materials as well as the necessary project for the pillar industry.

(3) Four high new products industry investments project namely electronic information, biological technology and new medicine, integration of light, machinery and electronics, new materials.

(4) The key project transforming traditional industry with new technology and advanced applicable technology.

(5) The investment project with" special, excellent, particular, new " characteristic.

(6)The project that carrying on the significant industrial reorganization with storage property of Hefei enterprise.

Article 11 According to the progress of the enterprise projects and the situation of the fund realization, the city Economy and Trade Committee promptly, brings the projects in the industrial project storehouse, by stages, into the annual investment plan and organizes enterprises to carry on it. 

Article 12 With the change of such factors as the market, price and the exchange rate and so on, the projects in the industrial project store house need adjusting, halting construction and slowing construction, after the report has been presented to the city Economy and Trade Committee by the enterprises, which will be carried out after the examination.


Article 13 Every project entering the Hefei industrial project storehouse may apply for the city promotion industry investment special fund (For details sees) 

Article 14 To every industrial investment project applying for the promotion industry investment special fund, the enterprise should hand in the application to the city Economy and Trade Committee in the last ten days of October every year, and provides the material below:

(1) Official application document; 

(2) Written proposal or feasibility study report;

(3) Proof opinion related with project declaration or authorized document;

(4) The bank loan agreement about project declaration;

(5) Other correlative materials (business license, financial report form and so on)

Article 15 After the examination of the Economy and Trade Committee, handling jointly with the city finance bureau and the concerned departments, then organizing the concerned experts to appraise, lastly synthesizing the opinions in various aspects, owing to the principle of openness, justice and fairness and qualification supports, the city Economy and Trade Committee is responsible to establish plans to support the project and the special fund arrangement plan, which will be carried out after authorized by the municipal government. 


Article 16 Industrial investment projects implement the system of legal person's responsibility. The enterprise must set up a special work group while implementing the projects, manage the entire process, solidly complete the preparatory work during the early period and vote for the competitive products with potential market. "Three-Contract" system, investment, quality and work period, must be strictly executed with purpose to guarantee the project quality, accomplish the production within reasonal work period and gain benefit. 

Article 17 According to the request the enterprise reports regularly the process of project implementation, and each month-initiatively presents the statistics report form on the project process to the statistical department.

Article 18 The supervision, inspection and track systems must be established and perfected. The city Economy and Trade Committee, handling jointly with the concerned departments, is responsible for supervising and managing all the projects, coordinately dealing with the questions during the process of project implementation, among which the major issues need to be reported to the municipal government. It also regularly supervises. 


Article 19 When the industrial investment project which holds the throughput has been completed in accordance with the design, it should promptly organize to inspect. After the inspection and ratification we should promptly shift it to the fixed asset, at the same time inspect the actually incremental benefit.

The project which technology and equipment had been introduced from the overseas should been verified according to the compact and the design document provided.

Article 20 After the project item documents about the completion final accounts、project summary、environmental protection、fire prevention、production safety, the enterprise of undertaking the project should make the completion inspection in the light of the related request of the province and city. 

Article 21 The organization of the completion inspection must be decided according to the importance and scale of the project. In principle the completion inspection should be organized by the city's Economic and Trade Committee jointly with the department concerned, also organized by the industry department concerned.


Article 22 After the project completion, the enterprise should carry on the assessment and analysis to the project, we need discover the reason about the project which cannot up to par and bring forward the remedial action and spur the project reach to produce. 

Article 23 Implementing the track system of the project production benefit, the track period is general 1~2 years, most not surpass three years. In principle the Economic and Trade Committee should answer for the track system jointly with the department concerned. 


Article 24 When the rule has contradiction with the national and the provincial new document, execute according to the national and the provincial new document. 

Article 25 The rule is put into force upon issuance.

Article 26 The rule is explained by Hefei Economic and Trade Committee.

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