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Shanxi glazed pagoda wins global recognition

Updated: Aug.31, 2018 Print

Feihong Pagoda in Guangsheng Temple in Hongtong county, Linfen, Shanxi province, was recognized by the World Record Certification Agency as the highest colorful glazed pagoda in the world on Aug 29.

At the upper part of Guangsheng Temple, the 47.31-meter-high octagonal structure with 13 floors made of bricks glazed in yellow, green, blue and purple, is the most complete and oldest glazed pagoda in existence.

It was first built in AD 562 and reconstructed in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Each story of the well-preserved pagoda is decorated with a variety of glazed statues of Buddha, bodhisattvas, warriors and celestial guardians, coiling dragons, birds, animals and plants, this being representative of Chinese glazed pagodas.

This recognition of Feihong Pagoda by the agency will greatly improve the temple's global reputation and help promote the coming 2018 Shanxi Tourism Development Conference in Linfen city in September.

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