Reasons and routes for seeing Zhuhai on two wheels

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Five cycling routes are being recommended by the Zhuhai Culture, Sports & Tourism Bureau for fun and other pleasant experiences around the city. Specifics of the routes and the reasons for the recommendations follow:

★★★★★ Night riding with friends or sweethearts

Route: Qianshan-Nanping-Wanzai-Gongbei

Qianshan Road -- Jinan University Zhuhai Campus -- Qianshan River -- Nanping Town -- Wanzai (resting position) -- Zhuhai International Convention & Exhibition Center -- Changsheng Bridge -- Paotai Mt Park -- Qianshan Road

Distance: 20+ km (12.4 miles)

Time: 1-2 hours


Cycling with your significant other can be very enjoyable, and the pleasant coastal scenery in the glow of the setting sun will add to the experience. Cyclists will find dazzling colors when the sky darkens, just as Huafa Mall starts beckoning with various gourmet dining experiences and many other recreational choices.

(Note: Be careful with heavy traffic and wear safety equipment.)


Qianshan River at sunset

★★★★★ Riding alone and facing challenge unaided

Route: Gongbei-Jida

Bar Street on Shuiwan Road -- Jiangjun Mt -- Yuhai World Finance Center -- Carnival International Apartments (resting position) -- Jida Reservoir -- Qingzhu Garden

Distance: 12+ km (7.5 miles)

Time: Around 1.5 hours


The lonely, empty mountain roads are tailor-made for speed enthusiasts, no matter whether they are early-morning cyclists or nightriders. The uphill climb from Jilian Road to the Jida Reservoir has scared off many challengers but the aroma of folk-style savory food wafting up from around the Zhongdian Edifice on Jiuzhou Avenue is quite tempting especially when the trip has tuckered out the rider!

(Note: Warm-up is a must and avoid riding on an empty stomach.)


Jiangjun Mt in heavy fog

★★★★ Riding while traveling

Route: Jinwan

Jinwan Greenway Station -- Dongzui (resting position) -- Jilin University Terrestrial Globe (resting position) -- Zhuhai (Jinwan) Airport -- Silver Beach -- Sanzao Town

Distance: 40-50 km (25-31 miles)

Time: 3-4 hours


Well-designed greenways have turned Jinwan District into a magnet for cyclists. One can appreciate nerve-soothing beauties of different kinds during the long-distance ride.

(Note: A two-day ride is suggested to fully enjoy the trip. Staying at a B&B is a good choice for the night's accommodation. There should be adequate protection from the sun. Stay focused when riding alongside cars.)


Silver Beach

★★★★ Riding along beautiful coastal sites

Route: Xiangzhou-Jida

Mingting Park -- Yeli Island -- Haibin Park -- Fisher Maiden statue -- Jiuzhou City -- New Yuanming Palace

Distance: 15 km (9.3 miles)

Time: around 1 hour


The route affords good views of some of the most famous tourism attractions in Zhuhai, not to mention the constant cool sea breezes.

(Note: Keep a safe distance from motor vehicles.)


Fisher Maiden in Xianglu Bay

★★★ Cycling route with various dining options

Route: Gongbei

Lianhua Road Pedestrian Street -- Zhuhai Gongbei Light Rail Station -- Gongbei Port Plaza -- South Lovers Avenue

Distance: 7 km (4.3 miles)

Time: around 1 hour


Food lovers can ride very slowly around Gongbei, cruising to seek their favorite delicacies and peddling fast along South Lovers Avenue after indulging in the treats.

(Note: Be careful with heavy crowds and motor vehicles.)


South Lovers Avenue promenade [Photos courtesy WeChat account (ID: tourzhuhai)]

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