Noodles in Maple Town

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These noodles are also called white soup noodles. The soup is clear, and the stewed meat is crisp and soft. The noodles are thin and beautifully shaped. It tastes delicious and refreshing.

There is a legend about the dish. A wife and a husband once ran a noodle shop in Maple Town. One day, the husband went downtown to buy sauce. On the way, he met a man who wanted to kill himself because he had no money. The husband gave him some money that he had and went home without buying sauce.

Without the sauce, how could he make noodle soup and stewed meat? After returning home, the wife didn't blame on him. She said that they could make the noodle soup by using the original soup and putting stewed meat, shallot and ginger into the soup. As expected, the white soup noodles were delicious! Later on, the noodles and the story became famous throughout Suzhou city.


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