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Every city has its own flavor, and food is an indispensable element during a vacation. Apart from the fact that Zhoushan fishery is the largest one in China, the world-famous Zhoushan seafood is also known as the "Seafood Paradise in China" and "Home to fish in China". If you are a real gourmet, you will undoubtedly be allured by the delicious seafood recommended by hospitable local restaurant owners when you stroll on the streets of Zhoushan. 

Taste from the East China Sea

Zhoushan fishery is the largest fishing ground in China. Tourists can taste fresh seafood from the fishing ground. The cooking methods are mainly steaming, pickling, salting, drying and raw eating.

Autumn is a perfect season to enjoy seafood. Dishes such as salted red-roe crab, triple-salted Chinese herring, steamed small yellow croaker, bullacta exarata, grilled salty shrimps, sea seeds in scallion oil, and braised hair-tail in sauce are all strongly recommended.

Recommended Seafood Stalls in Zhoushan

Shenjiamen Seafood Stalls: located in the famous Shenjiamen fishing port, the most famous seafood stall in Zhoushan.

Qiandao Seafood Plaza: located at No 1 seaport pier, Zhoushan. There are more than 60 stalls here.

Shengsi Seafood Stalls: located near Wanghai Square, next to the central fishing port.

Daishan Seafood Stalls: located in Yangang Road, Gaoting Town.

Gaoting central fishing port: located in No 143, Yangangzhong Road, Daishan Island. 

Recommended Seafood Dishes in Zhoushan

Steamed chicken with dried yellow croakers: salty and tasty.

Roast cuttlefish: reddish colored after cooking, smooth and delicious.

Half crabs dish: delicate with white meat, rich in protein, fat, and minerals.

Yellow croaker soup with pickled cabbage: mellow and white colored soup, delicate and smooth fish meat.

Mamu bullacta exarata: salty and savory of the delicate snail meat.

Brown croaker fishbone sauce: bright yellow in color and strong savory in fragrant.

Newly dried eel: have refreshing fragrance, white in color and savory in taste.

Sautéed Shelled Shrimp: white and transparent in color, tastes crisp and delicate.

Shengsi sea snail sauce: delicate, savory, mellow and smooth, praised as "Pearl in the dish”.

Shark porridge with vinegar: reddish colored, smooth and savory.

Recommended Vegetarian Food in Zhoushan’s Temples

Chinese Buddhist Academy (Mount Putuo Institute)

Address:Mount Putuo Scenic Area, Putuo district

Yangzhi Temple

Address: Mount Putuo Scenic Area, Putuo district. 

Huiji Temple

Address: Mount Putuo Scenic Area, Putuo district.

Dacheng Temple

Address: Mount Putuo Scenic Area, Putuo district.

Qianjin Lake Vegetarian Restaurant

Address: No 45, Jiefangxi Road, Dinghai district. 

Zen Vegetarian Restaurant

Address: G1 floor, Greentown Westin Resort Hotel, No 128, Jiari Road, Zhujiajian Scenic Area.

Buddhist delicacies

As Zhoushan is renowned for “the Buddhist world amidst sea and sky”, the vegetarian food of Mount Putuo is an important part of Zhoushan cuisines.

Good for heath, the vegetarian food attracts not only Buddhist pilgrims but also tourists. The extraordinary refined vegetarian foods supplied in temples and vegetarian snacks such as Guanyi pie, Chinese cabbage vermicelli casseroles and vegetable croquette see increasingly popularity among Zhoushan foodies.

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