Energy conservation & environmental protection and new energy

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Hangzhou's energy conservation & environmental protection and new energy industry involves a wide range of sectors. It has a relatively complete industrial chains and a number of leading industrial companies in water treatment, hydropower equipment, photovoltaic and LED. It produced marine power generation units with the world's largest installed capacity and has the world's most advanced 100,000 m³/h-grade air separation equipment. There are 15 listed companies and 10 state-level enterprise technology centers. In 2016, the added value was 22.74 billion yuan.

LHD New Energy

It is the first high-tech company specializing in tidal stream power research and development and the first in the world to develop the 3.4 MW modular ocean tidal power generator set, and the electricity was connected to the grid in 2016.

Focused Photonics Inc.

It is a leading supplier of analytical instrumentation for environment and safety in the world and the largest Internet of Things solution provider for environmental protection in China. It has a state-level enterprise technology center, a national engineering technology center for environmental protection monitoring instrument and a key provincial-level enterprise research institute.


The high-tech company focuses on the R & D and production of photovoltaic products and photovoltaic power generation systems and is one of the players in the industry,  having the most complete photovoltaic product lines in the country. It is also the largest private photovoltaic power generation company to build photovoltaic power stations with the total capacity of more than 2,500 megawatts at home and abroad.

Sunny Energy Science& Technology Co.

The company is a professional developer of photovoltaic products and operator of distributed photovoltaic power plants. It boasts two world-leading fist products – the rooftop power generator and photovoltaic energy storage inverter. It is a leader in advanced technology, sales of units and overall market share.

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