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Exhibition of Taiwan architect takes place in Shanxi

Updated: May.21, 2018 Print

Taiwan architect Lee Chian-lang introduced an exhibition showcasing his hand-painted works of ancient Chinese architecture at the Shanxi Museum on May 18. The exhibition is to last until Aug 8, featuring over 100 paintings with 20 architectural styles.

Lee Chian-lang, 69, is an architecture professor at the Chinese Culture University in Taiwan and he has been studying ancient Chinese buildings in Shanxi since the 1980s. In his paintings, he dissects the enigma of ancient Chinese buildings with western techniques including linear perspectives and cutaway.

"Professor Lee's painting is as artful and precise as a surgeon's scalpel and takes viewers on a visually stunning journey to appreciate the wisdom of ancient craftsmen," said Zhang Yuanchen, curator of the Shanxi Museum, "it is also a superb opportunity to enhance academic exchanges between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan and bring Chinese culture to a worldwide audience."

Shanxi Province, also known as "the museum of ancient Chinese architecture", holds over 70 per cent of China's ancient wooden buildings. Lee was enchanted by Shanxi's ancient buildings the first time he came here in 1982 and he has dedicated his life to their preservation.

"Ancient buildings bring history alive and hold the key to understanding our own culture," said Lee Chian-lang, "I hope my paintings help educate people about the art and history of Chinese architecture."

Lee Chian-lang has completed over 100 works and hopes more people join him in preserving these architectural wonders.

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