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Shanxi highways to accept mobile payment

Updated: May.16, 2018 Print

Drivers in Shanxi province will soon be able to pay highway toll fees simply by scanning a QR code.

More than 300 highway toll stations, accounting for 95 percent of highways in the province, will offer payment using QR code by the end of June, according to an announcement by Shanxi Transportation Holdings Group at a partnership agreement signing ceremony with Taiyuan branch of China Merchants Bank on May 15.

Earlier this year, Shanxi Transportation Holdings Group piloted mobile payment at eight exit lanes on three highway toll stations in Gujiao county, Haojiazhuang town and Yuxian county.

Mobile payment takes less than 10 seconds with drivers able to use WeChat, Alipay and China UnionPay.

Mobile payments are a way of promoting smart transportation and improving efficiency, said Yuan Qingmao, chairman of Shanxi Transportation Holdings Group.

China Merchants Bank will continue to innovate and offer mobile payment services to help Shanxi Transportation Holdings Group offer modern and efficient highway services.

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