Speech delivered by State Councilor Wang Yi at the inauguration ceremony of China International Development Cooperation Agency (full text)

Updated: May 11, 2018 CIDCA Print
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Honorable guests, colleagues, and friends from the press,

Hello, everyone!

The China International Development Cooperation Agency (CIDCA) has been officially unveiled today amid the warm, vibrant atmosphere of spring when flowers are in full bloom and everything is growing. It marks a milestone in the history of China’s international development cooperation, and I’d like to express my heart-felt congratulations!

Establishment of the CIDCA was a major decision made by the Communist Party of China's Central Committee with President Xi Jinping as its core, which shows the Chinese leadership’s great vision as part of the country’s overall planning. Today’s world is witnessing the international order undergo significant changes and human society has come to a crossroad. In the contests between the various forces that may lead to either stability or turbulence, either cooperation or confrontation, either openness or seclusion, China always stands on the side of fairness and justice and promotes the common interests of the countries in the world, because it is determined to contribute to world peace, global development and the maintenance of international order. Today, as socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, we should fulfill our due international obligations, continue to increase foreign aid, and play an active part in international development cooperation, thus making greater contributions to the common prosperity and progress of human society.

The CIDCA’s main responsibilities include giving play to the important role of foreign aid in  major country diplomacy, and better serving the country’s overall diplomacy agenda and the Belt and Road Initiative. The agency should fully implement the important remarks of President Xi Jinping, also general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, and always uphold the Party’s centralized and unified leadership over foreign aid work. It should enhance strategic planning and overall coordination in a bid to involve various quality resources in the undertakings of international development, reform and optimize the ways of unfolding foreign aid, and actively participate in international exchanges and cooperation. It should also work on a scientific approach of fulfilling foreign aid missions with the aim of improving the utilization efficiency and comprehensive effects of resources for foreign aid.

The CIDCA’s inauguration has placed new and greater demands on those working on the international development cooperation front. All of us should accurately identify our roles, while always putting the interests of the Party and the people first. We should have the courage to shoulder responsibilities, enhance overall planning and coordination, and handle foreign aid affairs and major issues properly. We should never forget why we started, so we will be able to carry forward the fine traditions of China’s foreign aid and usher in new achievements in this field in the new era.

 "Each seed that’s sown in spring will make the autumn yield high.” Today, we’re together to witness the birth of the CIDCA. Let’s work together from this day on for an early and bountiful harvest of the new fruits of China’s international development cooperation.

Thank you!

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