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Some say that bookstores are the soul of a city, and that the busier you are, the more you need to find such a place to kick back and do some contemplation.

Six exquisite bookstores in Suzhou New District are more than enough to satisfy all your bookstore needs.

Hands Fun: more than a bookstore

This bookstore is more than just a place to read. It also attempts to make traditional culture more palatable to young people.

Hands Fun integrates Suzhou handicraft art with tea art, creating a space where people can enjoy great books, fragrant tea and refined handicrafts.

In addition, creative designers often gather here to share ideas.

There's nothing like a sunny day with a book in one hand and a cup of tea in the other.

Address: 1st floor, Library of Cultural and Sports Center, No 999 Taihu Avenue, Suzhou New District

Lianhu Bookstore: quiet and peaceful

Coffee, dessert, books...... an ideal place to pass the time on a sunny spring day.

This bookstore may be plainly decorated, but it is nonetheless bright and elegant. It is situated inside a botanical garden, and wherever you sit you can enjoy the spectacular view through the French-style windows.

Address: Dayangshan Mountain Botanical Garden Scenic Area, Nanyangshan Road, Xushuguan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Suzhou New District

G·TAKAYA: improve yourself through reading

G·TAKAYA's walls are covered with books, making you feel like you're in a sea of reading materials.

It features many original foreign publications on topics such as literature, arts, architecture and more.

More than 200 brands of stationery from Japan, Italy, France, Denmark and more are also available here.

Address: 1st floor, Golden Eagle Plaza, Suzhou New District

SISYPHE: an indispensable part of your life

Warm rays of the sun shine through the two huge windows, illuminating the many books, plush toys, decorations and cultural and creative products carefully placed in the store.

A coffee house is also hidden among the books: rows of high metal chairs, leather sofas, and vintage wall clocks create a strong old European atmosphere.

Address: No 181 Tayuan Road, Suzhou New District

First Sight Bookstore: time and travel

First Sight is a mini-bookstore that integrates reading, entertainment, and cultural innovation to offer a creative space to those who value life experience and contemplation after reading.

As a travel-themed bookstore, First Sight is rich in travel books and it organizes many activities to explore the relationship between reading, traveling, and enjoying life.

Address: If Mall, Tayuan Road, Suzhou New District

Nice Bookstore: reading among flowers

Nice is always updating its collections in order to provide customers with the latest stuff.

In addition, the bookstore also features numerous original cultural and creative products.

Address: No 33 Xingyu Road, Suzhou New District

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