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Guangdong Zhanjiang Port Industrial Park

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Zhanjiang Port Industrial Park is a provincial-level development zone approved by the National Development and Reform Commission in July, 2006. It is located in the southern part of Zhanjiang city with a total planning area of 38 square kilometers.

Port advantage

The industrial park is next to Xiashan port area of Zhanjiang Port, a deep-water port in Zhanjiang renowned for its "large area, deepness and wideness". There is a container terminal with an annual capacity of 800,000 TEUs and a general bulk cargo terminal with 50,000-ton capacity inside the industrial park.

Zhanjiang Port is one of the 20 coastal hubs in China. It has 37 berths, of which 26 are at 10,000 tonnage and above. It has the deepest 25 million-ton deep waterway in Asia, the nation's largest 300,000- ton oil terminal and the largest 200,000-ton iron ore wharf in South China.

It is a common port of entry for China's central, southern and western parts. It is open to navigation with more than 100 countries and regions in the world. Relying on the unique advantages of Zhanjiang Port, it is the best choice for investors to develop harbor industry and build large-scale logistics transfer bases in the industrial park.

Transportation condition

The industrial park has five modes of transportation, including convenient sea, land and air transportation, providing superior external traffic conditions for its development.

Waterway: The industrial park can pass through Zhanjiang Port's waterway to China's coasts and ports around the world. It is 136 nautical miles from Haikou Port in the south, 301 nautical miles from Guangzhou Port, 210 nautical miles from Hong Kong and 255 nautical miles from Beihai Port in the west.

Railway: There are special railways in the park connected with Zhanjiang Port's railway and the south station of Zhanjiang Railway, which are connected with national railway trunk network.

Highways: Shugang Highway runs through the entire industrial park, connecting to the national highways G325 and G207, and Zhanjiang-Chongqing Expressway and Guangzhou-Zhanjiang Expressway.

Aviation: The industrial park is only 6.5 kilometers away from Zhanjiang Airport, which is a 4D-class airport which allows takeoff and landing of Boeing 757 passenger planes. It has opened more than 10 routes to Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Kunming, Shenzhen and Changsha.

Pipeline: There is a 115-kilometer crude oil pipeline starting from Zhanjiang Port to Maoming and a 1,135-kilometer product pipeline to the Pearl River Delta.

Function division and leading industry positioning

The industrial park is divided into eight functional areas from east to west and from south to north. They include port chemical area, modern logistics bonded area, steel distribution logistics area, logistics processing area, fine chemical industry area, modern manufacturing area, comprehensive living area, and port functional area.

The industrial park's leading industries are positioned as modern machinery equipment manufacturing, electronic information industry and logistics industry. It focuses on the development of bonded logistics processing, steel logistics processing and distribution and deep processing of warehousing and high-tech industries. It strictly controls heavy chemical industry and appropriately introduces fine chemical projects with low pollution, low-energy consumption, and high value-added, such as deep processing of petrochemical downstream products. 

Investment attraction

In the first phase of the park, a number of projects including Dalian Huanong Group, Zhongfang Group's soybean oil project, Zhanjiang Chemical Plant and Sinopec Dongxing Refinery, have been completed and turned into production.

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