Shrimp noodles (虾面 xiamian)

Updated: Apr 11, 2018 Print
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Shrimp noodles (虾面 xiamian). [Photo/VCG]

There is a saying that goes, to live on what mountains can provide if you live at the foot of a mountain and on what the sea can offer if you live beside a sea.

Since Xiamen is a coastal city, seafood is the most common food for the local residents. A bowl of noodles is certainly accompanied with seafood, among which shrimp noodles are the most famous.

The main ingredients for the dish are shrimps and noodles while the best part about it is the tasty soup. Boil the shrimps after removing their shells, then remove the well-cooked shrimp meat from the soup and put the shrimp shells into the soup to continue to boil.

After a while, remove the shrimp shells from the soup and crush them and then mix them with rock sugars to boil again. Sprinkle minced scallions and garlic to the cooked soup and then the shrimp noodle's soup is ready.

Put on some shrimp meat and salt pork pieces to the noodles that's been well cooked, pour in the cooked shrimp soup and season it with pepper, and then a bowl of flavorful shrimp noodles is ready to serve.


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