One-day cultural tour in Zhanjiang

Updated: Apr 9, 2018 Print
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Where to Sign up for the Trip: Starting at Jiaruihe, Chikan district at 09:00; picking up guests at Haibin Hotel at 09:30.

Duration of the Trip: One day

Hotline: 0759-3202222 / 3166666


Our first stop is the former site of the French Legation in Kwangchowan, the former site of the Police Station in Kwangchowan, the Cathedral of St. Victor, and the former site of Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank (about 40 minutes).

After that, we will pass the Times Square and the Coastal Sightseeing Corridor on our way to the Yugang Park (staying there for about 30 minutes) which includes the following 6 scenic spots: the "Haizhilian" Square at the entrance, the Guangwan Clock Tower, the fishing port and the fishing village, and the Bright Light in the South China Sea.

Then, we will visit the Zhanjiang Exhibition and Convention Center (staying there for about 30 minutes). While on the bus, we enjoyed the ecological landscape of the seaside bathing resort in the Golden Sand Bay. You can see the high white sand dunes, green coconut trees, and the blue sea. You can also see the unique desert-like scenery, which has attracted numerous tourists from home and abroad.

After lunch, we'll visit Chikan, a 1,000-year old town, where such places are visited: the former residence of Xu Aizhou at 39, Minzu Road, the Zhanjiang Antique and Cultural Center, the Kuangchowan Club, the Datong Street (Pier No 4 – Pier No 8), and arcade-houses such as the former site of the Sanyou Firm to gain a deeper understanding of the profoundness of ancient culture at Chikan (about one hour).

Then, we'll visit the Cunjinqiao Park (staying for about 20 minutes) to have a respectful look at the statue of the anti-French heroes at the Park's Central Square.

After that, we'll visit the Zhanjiang Museum (about 60 minutes), which, located in the Cunjinqiao Park and built in 1960, is a 3-story tall building in the style of Soviet architecture and the largest city-level museum in Guangdong province. The museum has collected almost 10,000 pieces of cultural relics. Among the collections are some stone relics, porcelain, copper drums, canoes made in the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220), the head sculpture of a Kunlun female figure from the Tang Dynasty (618-907) and relics of the anti-French struggle, quite a few of which are Grade A national cultural relics. Besides the exhibition of cultural relics, the museum also holds, on a regular basis, exhibitions on the artistic works of famous painters or photographers.

After that, the trip ends and we go back to Xiashan district.

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