Grand Canyon of Western Henan

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The Grand Canyon of Western Henan [Photo/]

Located at Guandaokou township, Lushi county, the Grand Canyon of Western Henan has an area of 32.68 kilometers. The canyon is a natural ecological scenic spot characterized by waterfall groups and pools. It integrates sightseeing, leisure vacation, mountain climbing, fitness and other functions as a whole.

Developed initially in August 2002, it was evaluated as a national 4A tourism spot in 2006. The gorge features luxuriant plants and winding rivers. Recreational facilities here offer grass skating, slip rope, rock climbing and driftage.

Furthermore, electric cars and buses that are environmentally friendly are provided for tourists. The main scenic spots include Dazongtan Waterfall, Footbath Pool, White Dragon Waterfall, Double Dragon Pool, Lover's Pool, Water Curtain Pool and Liuxiu Lake.

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