​Procedure of name approval of foreign-funded enterprises

Updated: Apr 4, 2018 Print
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1. Submit application of name pre-approval or change approval;

2. Authority's review before acceptance (if the authority has jurisdiction over the approval of the name that includes the administrative division, if the application materials are complete, and if the name complies with legal form);

3. In case of inadequate application materials or the name not meeting requirements of legal form, all materials to be supplemented or modified shall be declared to the applicant at the spot or within five working days (a notice shall be issued);

4. If the application is subject to jurisdiction of the authority-- Inform the applicant with the exact acceptance department -- Issue a notice of refusal of acceptance, noting the refusal reason;

5. The acceptance department decides whether to accept the application or not;

6. Review after acceptance (check on details such as the conformity with mandatory provision, similar names, and the usage of corporate name (or shop name) in the enterprise name);

7. The examination authority decides whether to approve the application;

8. Approval -- Issue notice of name approval-Filing;

9. Refusal of approval -- Issue notice of disapproval;

10. End

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