Issues that consumers should pay attention to

Updated: Apr 2, 2018 Print
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When purchasing or using goods or receiving services, consumers should be fully equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

(1) Consumers are recommended to choose official shopping venues for goods or services, instead of making purchases from vendors without a business license.

(2) Consumers should request invoices or other proofs when purchasing goods or services and keep them intact. Once their legitimate rights and interests are infringed upon, such proofs can greatly aid them against any infringement.

(3) Consumers should carefully identify labels of various commodities and packaging, such as the manufacturer, place of origin, price, quality standards, production date, shelf life and expiration date before any purchases.

(4) Consumers should seek the legitimate way to protect their rights as soon as possible when their legitimate rights and interests are infringed upon.

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