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For the purpose of rewarding students who have exhibited all-round development of morality, intelligence and physique, or outstanding performance in one area, our institute has established a scholarship for study at the College of International Education at Liaoning Normal University. Detailed application instructions are as follows:

Article 1:

These regulations are formulated in order to encourage overseas students to study hard, observe discipline and to be proactive. These rules apply to those with outstanding talents in Chinese language, professional skills, a friendly attitude toward China, and popularity amongst employers from various countries.

Article 2:

Requirements for Applicants:

1.    Applicants should demonstrate a serious attitude toward study, be attentive and positive in class, and achieve excellent results in each semester exam.

2.    Applicants should observe the rules of the Chinese government and school regulations. Applicants should attend all classes and group activities. Absence may be excused with prior permission.

3.    Applicants should respect teachers and obey management. Applicants should be a uniting force among classmates and actively participate in a variety of school activities.

Article 3:

Grades and Standards for Scholarship Evaluation:

1.    The scholarship is divided into three levels:

First class: 3,000 yuan ($474) per person;

Second class: 2,000 yuan ($316) per person;

Third class: 1,000 yuan ($158) per person.
2.    Scholarships will be sent with certificates.

Article 4:

Overseas students who have studied at school for a full academic year may participate in the assessment of scholarships. Undergraduates can receive no more than two scholarships during the four years of school, generally assessed once every school year.

Article 5:

Scholarship Evaluation:

1. Under the unified leadership of the college, the scholarship assessment committee is responsible for the following specific tasks:

2. Assessment procedure:

A: The head teacher nominates students on the basis of suggestions from student and faculty members;

B: The jury discusses the primary name list;

C: The list is ultimately approved by the leader of the college.

Article 6:

Scholarships are generally awarded to students by the leader of the college upon graduation, at commencement ceremonies.

Article 7:

The revision and interpretation of this rule shall be the responsibilities of the scholarship evaluation committee.

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