Tianzhu Mountain Forest Park

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Ticket: 30 yuan ($4.71)

Address: No 1, Tianzhushan Road, Hongtang village, Dongfu town, Haicang district, Xiamen

Tel: 0592-6311965

Opening time: 08:30-17:30


The Tianzhu Mountain Forest Park is located at Haicang district, about 36 kilometers away from Xiamen's downtown.

Tianzhu Mountain boasts rich natural resources and amazing scenery, including lakes, parks and valleys of distinct features and refreshing charm.

Located in the eastern part of the scenic area, the Tianzhu Lake reflects profound Buddhist culture and the unique charm of the Tang Dynasty (618-907). The glittering water mirrors the reflection of Longmen Temple in the distance and also that of Niugang Ridge nearby, and the surrounding places of interests, such as Zhenji Temple, Yulong Bridge and Shuanma Stone, stand around the lake like scattered pearls, and also discovering their beautiful reflections in the water. Baizhu Park, as the name suggests, has more than 200 kinds of bamboo integrating the function of appreciation, recreation and science introduction. It enables people to get close to the nature while enjoying the green bamboo.

There are about 60 cultural scenic spots, with a few typical examples.

Yungai Temple was built when Shao Yong, a philosopher of the Song Dynasty (960-1279), lived here in solitude. Cangjing Cave was dug by Zen Master Chao Gu of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) to preserve Buddhist scriptures. Shangtian Hall is the earliest Taoist Temple built during the Southern and Northern Dynasties (386-589). Zhenji Temple, which was built in the Tang Dynasty, is one of the first protected cultural relics in Jimei district. Li Chen or Xuanzong, the 13th emperor of the Tang Dynasty, lived here for self-cultivation for three years.



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