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Sanmenxia Central Hospital

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Sanmenxia Central Hospital [Photo provided to]

Sanmenxia Central Hospital (SCH), affiliated with Henan University of Science and Technology (HAUST), is Sanmenxia's only municipal Class A tertiary (China's highest grade for hospitals) comprehensive hospital committed to clinical care, medical education, scientific research, recovery, healthcare, first-aid and technical guidance. 

It serves as the national standardized training base for resident physicians, the job-transfer training base for general practitioners, the branch training center for China primary trauma care, the training base for county and township emergency staff, the China chest pain center and the China stroke center. It also acts as Sanmenxia's center for cardiovascular diseases, cerebral vascular diseases and children's regional medical treatment as well as the treatment center for critically-ill pregnant mothers and newborns. It is also the only hospital that leads a medical association consisting of 93 members in the city.

SCH covers an area of 127,000 square meters and has 2,000 beds available. The hospital consists of 65 clinical departments, 15 medical laboratories and six specialized hospitals including a children's hospital, cerebropathy hospital, tumor hospital, angiocardiopathy hospital, orthopedic hospital, obstetrics and gynecology hospital. It has over 2,300 employees, 132 of whom have a doctoral or master's degree and 707 of whom have senior titles. 

As of now, 10 employees have been included in the Henan Medical Association and Medical Doctor Association, 39 are members of the Sanmenxia Medical Association, and eight are considered talents, experts and influential leaders in innovation and technology. 

The hospital owns a provincial specialized clinical division, four training and research bases, five centers for provincial treatment, seven standardized intensive care areas, eight centers for provincial quality control, 13 municipal treatment centers and laboratories, and 25 municipal divisions of clinical medicine and technology. The hospital receives over 950,000 outpatients and over 65,000 inpatients each year. 

SCH has shifted to an inclusive inter-provincial cooperation system in Sanmenxia which allows municipal, county and township medical organizations to work jointly alongside the hospital. In September 2016, the National Leading Group for Deepening Reform visited and investigated SCH and praised its regional medical association.

In January 2015, SCH passed the second Cyclical Hospital Rank Evaluation and was officially listed as a Class A tertiary comprehensive hospital. The notice from the 2016 Henan Provincial Conference of Medical Administration indicated that among 80 tertiary hospitals in Henan, SCH ranked fourth in curing serious diseases, fifth in saving critical patients, fifth in the coverage rate of curing critical diseases, 15th in number of operations and 20th in number of discharged patients. These achievements secured its position among the leading hospitals in Henan.

In March 2017, the Annual Report On China's Hospital Opportunities (China's blue book of hospitals) suggested SCH ranked 194th among prefectural and municipal hospitals and 19th among Henan provincial hospitals. Ranking among the top 30 tertiary hospitals in Henan for two consecutive years, it is at the forefront in Henan when it comes to medical technologies and quality of service.

Add: Middle section of Xiaoshan Road, Sanmenxia, Henan

Tel: 0398-3118141


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