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Licensing item: Marriage registration of a Nanyang resident to a foreigner

Accepting authority: Transferring from local civil affairs bureaus of district/county governments to provincial department of civil affairs

Office hours: Working days (Monday–Friday)

Address: Civil Affairs Department of Henan Province, 

No 18 Xiangsheng Road, Jinshui district, Zhengzhou, Henan Province

Contact information: +86-371-65909790

Postal code: 450016

Service content: Marriage registration of a Nanyang resident to a foreigner

Policies and regulations: Marriage Law of the People's Republic of China, Marriage Registration Regulation

Application conditions: 

a)No marriage shall be contracted before both parties reach the marriageable age, i.e., the man has reached 22 years of age and the woman 20 years of age;

b)Marriage must be based upon the complete willingness of both parties, and both shall have no spouse;

c)The parties shall not be the lineal relatives by blood, or collateral relatives by blood up to the third degree of kinship;

d)The parties shall not be suffering from any disease which is regarded by medical science as rending a person unfit for marriage;

e)One party shall be a permanent resident in the administrative region

f)Both parties shall go to the marriage registration institution at the place of one party's permanent residence together, and they shall not entrust others to do it for them.

g)Both parties shall provide lawful, complete, true, trustworthy, standard and effective certificates and originals.

Application materials:

Nanyang residents

a)A household registration book (or a household registration certificate);

b)ID card;

c)A signed statement which declares that both parties have no spouse and are not lineal relatives by blood, or collateral relatives by blood up to the third degree of kinship. The above mentioned regulations apply to remarriage;


a)A valid passport or other valid international travel certificates (including copies);

b) A foreigners' residence certificate issued by the public security bureau or an identity certificate issued by the foreign affairs department, or a temporary entry and residence certificate;

c)A certificate which declares that the applicant has no spouse shall be provided by the notary office in his or her country or issued by the authoritative agency, and be authenticated by the Chinese embassy (consulate) in this country or the country's embassy (consulate) in China; or issued directly by the country's embassy (consulate) in China (with valid term being 6 months).


a)If the evidentiary materials are in foreign languages, Chinese translation versions translated by a unit with translation qualification shall also be provided;

b)Three large 2-inch recent bust bareheaded photos of both parties shall also be provided. The specification for the photos is: 6×4 cm; they shall be identification photos and clear. The above mentioned regulations also apply to remarriage.


Procedure: both parties provide certificates and proofs (certificates in foreign languages shall be translated into Chinese)→fill in the Declaration for Marriage Registration Application →the marriage registration office reviews materials and issues marriage certificates.

Time limits:

If the certificates are complete and the parties conform to the marriage registration conditions, marriage certificates shall be issued immediately. For those who fail to satisfy the legal requirements, relevant certificates shall be returned and reasons shall be notified in writing.

Charging standard:

9 yuan ($1.5)/pair of marriage registration certificates

The application must be made in person.

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