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Yangzhou has formed a multi-level and diversified financial service system, which takes bank, insurance and securities as the main body, while taking non-deposit financial organizations such as petty loan, assurance, pawning, financial leasing, and venture capital investment as the supplement. 

In terms of urban construction projects, Yangzhou follows the principle of allocating resources by the market and encourages various financial institutions to take part in and the strengthening of strategic cooperation with insurance, investment, public offering, and private equity companies. 

In terms of promoting enterprise development, Yangzhou focuses on promoting the combination of science and technology, finance, industry and capitals and welcomes various equity investment, risk investment, and venture capital institutions to start business in Yangzhou and cooperate in asset restructuring, equity conversion and many other aspects. 

We are able to provide:

1. Carrier platform. The financial clustering area in Yangzhou covers a planned area of 1900 mu and a floor area of 460,000 square meters. The cluster focuses on promoting the development of various financial institutions, financial intermediaries, and financial backstage service center, striving to build a pilot area of reform, innovation and integrated service in central and northern Jiangsu areas, and formulating specialized supporting and preferential policies. 

2. Policy support. The government has established a venture investment initiation fund which can contribute 10-20 percent of the initiation capital to the investment fund which is registered in Yangzhou. The Angel Fund led by the government can give no more than 6 million yuan as the angel investment to help high-tech enterprises, or businesses established by high-level personnel in Yangzhou. The government also gives specialized incentives and subsidies to enterprises for going public, transferring shares and direct financing; and provides policy assurance, insurance and emergency fund lending and other services to small and medium-sized enterprises. 

3. Project resources. The city has nearly 3,000 above-scale enterprises and 100 enterprises ready to go public. The key projects involve nearly 100 billion yuan of investment every year; and the government gives credit enhancement and risk compensation to encourage financing and innovation.

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