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The cultural and creative industry has become a new highlight in the development of modern service industries in Yangzhou. The city has 5 national cultural industrial parks (bases), 6 provincial cultural industrial parks (bases), and 10 municipal cultural industrial parks. 

Traditional culture business leading company, Yangzhou Arts and Crafts Group, has won titles at the National Top 10 Enterprises in the Arts and Crafts Industry and the Top 100 National Light Industry Enterprises. Led by Transcend Optronics, Yangzhou's emerging cultural industry is growing rapidly. The local e-paper production volume accounts for 90 percent of the global total. Newspaper Media Group, Radio and Television Media Group, Ganquan Movie and TV Service Outsourcing Base, Dance Theater Co and other enterprises' overall strengths are growing continuously. Next, Yangzhou will focus on the development of 8 industries including cultural creation, journalism and publishing, film and television production, performing arts and entertainment, culture and tourism, cultural fair and exhibition, and arts and crafts industry. 

We are able to provide:

1. Policy support. The city issued a series of policy documents such as "Advices on Supporting the Development of Yangzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Industry" and "Advices on Further Enlarge and Strengthen the Arts and Crafts Industry", and has set up guiding funds for the development of cultural industries in the city. 

2. Carrier support. Yangzhou now has a number of different types of industry clustering areas, such as the Yangzhou Arts and Crafts Group, the National Digital Publishing Base, Jiangsu Information Service Industry Base, Wutinglong Toys and Gifts Mall, Design Valley, Apollo Flowers Wholesale Market, and Christmas Culture Industry Gathering Area. The Yangzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Industrial Base (Arts and Crafts Center) and Yangzhou Intangible Cultural Base (Opera Park) are now under construction.

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