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Yangzhou, rich in agricultural resources, is known as the "land of fish and rice" and is China's major grain production base and a main producing areas of aquatic waterfowl. A group of famous local agricultural products, such as Yangzhou fried rice, Yangzhou steamed buns, Gaoyou double-yolk eggs, Baoying lotus roots, Baoying Lake crabs, Lvyangchun tea as well as the Yangzhou School of Bonsai, enjoy fine reputations at home and abroad. They have been hailed as the string of dazzling pearls alongside the Grand Canal. 

Yangzhou's agriculture boasts distinctive features. Baoying county is regarded as the town of lotus flowers and roots in China. Gaoyou is a famous hometown of ducks in China, and Gaoyou Duck is one of the three famous ducks in China. Yizheng is the hometown of Lvyangchun tea, which has won many national awards. Jiangdu is the famous hometown of flowers and trees in China with an annual production of 10 million potted flowers and bonsai. Hanjiang is the hometown of the goose industry. Guangling is the hometown of gourmet, and Huaiyang cuisine, one of the four major Chinese Cuisines, originated from here. Yangzhou will focus on developing biological agriculture, organic agriculture, processing agriculture, sightseeing agriculture and digital agriculture. 

We are able to provide:

1. Talent and technology support. The team represented by academicians Liu Xiufan, Cheng Shunhe, Zhang Hongcheng and researcher Chen Kuanwei takes the lead in animal disease research, crop breeding and poultry breeding. 

2. Platform support. Taking advantage of the Cross-Straits (Yangzhou) Agricultural Cooperation Experimental Zone and the national-level Yangzhou Agricultural Science and Technology Park, Yangzhou provides platforms for various projects to settle down in the city. 

Yangzhou also boasts 4 national-level and 50 provincial-level leading enterprises of modern agriculture, whose sales income in agricultural products reach 132 billion yuan. 

3. Raw material support. Yangzhou is rich in agricultural resources, boasting strong industrial base to develop its agricultural product processing industry. The city's total grain output per year stabilizes at 3 million metric tons. The efficient facility agricultural (fishery) park covers an area of 900,000 mu (60,000 hectares) with the slaughter of 1.3 million live pigs, the number of animals raised is 75 million, and the gross production of aquatic product reaches 400,000 tons.

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