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Yangzhou is one of China's first group of Famous Historic and Cultural Cities and one of China's first group of Top Tourist Cities. It has earned the United Nations' Habitat Scroll of Honor and the title of the "City of Hot Springs". 

Aiming to build an international cultural and tourist city, Yangzhou is accelerating its pace of constructing quality tourist zones and holiday products, focusing on building the Slender West Lake into a world-class park, sorting out canal cultural and tourism resources, laying out a series of tourist resorts and ethnic cultural tourism towns with characteristic themes, speeding up the construction of a "Seven River and Eight Island" region and various hot spring hotel and relaxation experience projects. 

Yangzhou will endeavor to complete urban tourist public service system, enhance the attraction and internationalization of tourism, and achieve higher tourist satisfaction. 

We can provide:

1. Policy support. Yangzhou can offer policy guidance and support in major tourist project construction and commercial tourism development. Specifically, the support will focus on land supply, taxation, subsidies and financial preference in projects settled in holiday resort and characteristic towns. 

2. Talent support. There are 8 colleges and universities in Yangzhou that have opened tourism studies and relevant majors. The Jiangsu Institute of Tourism and Hospitality finished construction in 2017 and has started to enroll students, which will further strengthen the capacity of tourism management personnel. 

3. Market advantage. Yangzhou is a major tourist city in Jiangsu. In 2016, Yangzhou received 56.28 million tourists and attained total tourist revenue of nearly 70 billion yuan, which demonstrated that Yangzhou is a tourist attraction with unique features and great potential in the Yangtze Delta region.

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