Food street at Folk Cultural Park in Shanzhou district

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A "living fossil" among Chinese residential housing, the underground courtyard is located in Shanzhou district, Sanmenxia city, Henan province. It is a unique tourist zone in the city. 

The courtyard began renovation in May 2013 and was open to the public by May 23, 2016. It includes a 20,000-square meter leisure square, a folklore park composed of 40 underground residences, a 4,900-square meter food street, a 7,000-square meter old street for displaying folk art, the world's largest underground cave dwelling hotel at 11,000-square meters, and several tourist routes. 


The food street is located at the Folk Cultural Park in Shanzhou district of Sanmenxia, Henan province. [Photo/]

Food street provides three main categories of food with 40 percent coming from the Golden Triangle Area of the Yellow River, 30 percent from Shaanxi province and 30 percent from Shanxi province. 

Visitors can gorge themselves with more than a hundred varieties of food and snacks, including Guanzhong nut cakes, marshmallows, rice noodles, Shanxi daoxiao noodles (or sliced noodles), Henan stewed noodles with mutton, Hunan fermented bean curd, fried rice noodles and sweet potato balls.  


Visitors can gorge themselves with more than a hundred kinds of food on the food street. [Photo/]

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