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Huilong Mountain Scenic Area

Updated: Mar 15, 2018 Print
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Huilong Moutain [Photo/]

Huilong Moutain, located in Ningxiang county and the bank of the Weishui River, is a famous Buddhist mountain to the west of Changsha. It was named Huilong (Winding Dragon) because of its dragon-shaped landform. The main peak of Huilong Moutain stands 365 meters, with groups of peaks and beautiful scenery. 
At the top of the mountain, there is a basin of more than 100 mu (about 7 hectares) where bamboos grow and clouds float above in breeze. Therefore, the basin is acclaimed as Baiyunwo (Nest of Clouds), and there also lies the Baiyun Temple, one of the hundred top famous temples in China. 

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