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Changsha Underwater World

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Changsha Underwater World [Photo/]

Changsha Underwater World is located in the Gold Eagle World Studios by Liuyang River. It consists of five major parts, namely the aquarium, polar animal park, science education park, water park, and children's park. It is a perfect place for sight-seeing, relaxing, entertainment as well as science education. It was entitled as "Ocean Education Base" and "National AAAA Scenic Spot" respectively by the Chinese Society of Oceanography and Hunan Association for Science and Technology. It houses the most complete species of animals and offers the most varied and participatory performances, and is regarded as the most fashionable ocean themed park. In the park, you can find thousands of bulky sharks, clumsy sea turtles, and variant coral reefs, sea snails, starfish and shells in different shapes and colors. 

Moreover, visitors can enjoy many terrific performances like Dance with Sharks, Mermaid, Russia Underwater Ballet, funny whale blowing bubbles, dolphins jumping, sea elephant playing harp, and sea lion concert. Visitors can also get a close touch with animals at their own expense by diving, feeding kois, turtles, seals, starfish and limulus, touching dolphins, white whales as well as sea lions. 


With Changsha Window of the world to its north and 319 National Road to its south, the park can be reached by Bus 136, 158, 132, 501.


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