Nanyang firefighting robots ready for duty

Updated: Jan 30, 2018 Print
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Firefighting robots developed by Nanyang Explosion Protected Electrical Apparatus Research Institute. [Photo/Nanyang Evening Post]

Robotic firefighters? The Nanyang Explosion Protected Electrical Apparatus Research Institute unveiled eight different varieties of fire-fighting units recently. You might think they look ridiculous, but don't underestimate these sturdy little guys!

Clad in a red fireproof suit, these little tank-looking dudes not only can move about freely and safely inside an actual fire, but also can perform a wide range of functions such as fighting fires, eliminating smoke, spraying water and lowering temperatures.

Already under production, these firefighting robots will soon be sent on the frontline to deal with all types of situations, be it hot temperature, high pressure, toxic gas zones or any other places that are inaccessible by actual human personnel.

According to an institute spokesman, the research team really started from scratch with these firefighting robots, as there weren't any past references to draw on within the country. For example, what about the flammable lithium batteries? How do we give the robot more effectiveness without turning it into a fire hazard? There are so many tough questions with which the team was confronted.

However, one should never fret as humankind has always prevailed with their creativity in fixing issues, as ingenuity is only limited by needs and time.

The final product, which is powered by a batch of high-energy lithium-ion batteries, is distinctive for its long endurance. Featuring an energy absorbing design, the robot can minimize terrain impact and can be deployed in a variety of geographical environments.

Furthermore, the amphibious fire-extinguishing agent is also equipped with high-performance wireless transmission devices, which allow firemen to operate it at a safe distance from the accident site. The extinguisher can be switched to different modes and has its height changed in accordance with the actual situation.

So far, the robot has passed the explosion-proof testing of China National Quality Supervision and Test Center for Explosion Protected Electrical Products, as well as the fire testing of the Shanghai Fire Research Institute of Ministry of Public Security. It also won the Scientific & Technological Achievement Award presented by China Instrument and Control Society.


A staff member operates the robot wirelessly. [Photo/Nanyang Evening Post]

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