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A prominent American consulting firm estimates that Ordos is one of the few locations in the world best suited for developing energy-heavy industries.

In accordance with national planning, Ordos continues to place great emphasis on developing "Five bases" — a clean energy output base, a modern coal chemical production demonstration base, an aluminum industry and equipment manufacturing base, a green agricultural and animal products processing output base and a tourism base.

Ordos, home to an estimated one-sixth of China's coal reserves, is determined to become a hub of clean-energy output, according to a national plan.

Ordos plans to transform its coal mining industry by building large-scale and extra-large-scale mines - thought to be safer and more efficient - to promote the modernization of the industry.

The city will also focus on coal pollution mitigation - technologies that seek to lessen the pollution associated with the burning of coal by producing “clean coal” instead of raw coal. Up to 85 percent of the raw coal will be “cleaned” before being shipped, according to the plan.

Ordos will enlarge its coal-generated-electricity industry by expanding its existing power plants and making the traditional power plants more energy-saving and water-saving.

The city also plans to build ultra-high voltage equipment it needs to transmit its coal-generated electricity over long distances. Furthermore, its coal-gasification industry will be steadily updated to promote the comprehensive utilization of coal resources of the region, making them more ecologically clean and refined.

As for natural gas, the city vows to further increase exploration of natural gas resources and strive to achieve a constant production target of 30 billion cubic meters by 2017. The processed natural gas will be used for residential, commercial and industrial uses, including the promotion of natural gas vehicles.

Ordos also vows to foster the development of three new industries: aluminum processing, agriculture and meat product processing, and service industries.

Based on the high-aluminum coal resources, the city will develop the deep-processing industry of alumina and aluminum products. The city vows to become a base of agriculture output, where the production and processing of mutton, beef, pork, dairy, fruits and vegetables will be emphasized. It will also speed up the development of logistics, finances, and tourism to accelerate the growth of modern service industries.

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