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Ordos Airport Logistics Park

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Capitalizing on the advantageous geological location and convenient transport around the airport, Ordos Airport Logistics Park is an asset-light, hi-tech and export-oriented park with new mechanisms built by Ordos in order to advance the city's transformative development and city-industry integration.

The park was approved by the Inner Mongolia autonomous region government in June 2009, and began construction in August of the same year, with a planned area of 76.45 square kilometers. In June 2016, 44.5 square kilometers around the airport was included in the park's planned area, adjusting the park's planned area to 121 square kilometers. The park is divided into three areas, including the central development area, supporting development area and airport expansion area.

In August 2012, the park's administration committee was officially approved. According to the planning, the park has spent 6.7 billion yuan on basic works, including land requisition and demolishing, return settlement, infrastructure construction and supporting facilities. Its first phase of 30 square kilometers has finished construction comprehensively and its infrastructure is already available.

The park insists on the equal importance of construction and management to further the park's organization. Focusing on the basic functions, the park prioritizes investment, talent attraction and project construction, strengthening services and comprehensive management.

In 2015, the park received a fixed-asset investment of 120 million yuan, with an output value of 29 million yuan, sales income of 150 million yuan, public budget income of 152 million yuan and tax totaling 198 million yuan.

1. Infrastructure construction and supporting facilities

In accordance with the park's overall planning and the idea of "leading by the government and operating by the market", the park has built 29 primary and secondary main roads of 92 kilometers, as well as various municipal pipe networks totaling 1,150 kilometers, including networks for water supply, water draining and gas supply.

A waterworks providing a daily supply of 50,000 cubic meters, a gas gate station providing a daily supply of 1 million cubic meters and a 110kV transformer substation have already been completed and begun operation. Meanwhile, telecommunication, internet and cable television are all accessible.

A landscaping system and green area of 791 hectares have also been completed, increasing its green coverage rate to 26.4 percent. In addition, the construction of living support projects such as hospitals, schools, stores, restaurants and residences has been launched.

To date, a school based on the cooperation with Beijing Normal University and the Ordos Third People's Hospital has opened, as well as two commercial residences with a building area of 310,000 square meters. Meanwhile, other business projects are under construction. Other livelihood facilities such as post offices, telecommunication, banks and public traffic development have also begun operation.

2. Personnel, organization and management

The park's initial construction and management was operated in accordance with the Ordos Logistics Park Construction Investment Co. Ltd. From 2011, the Party working committee and administration committee of the park were established, working in the same office with the Logistics Park Construction Investment Co. Ltd. 

In 2013, Inner Mongolia approved to set up an administration committee for Ordos Airport Logistics Park, and its municipal counterpart approved the "Three decide" plan of the park's Party working committee, setting nine functional departments. In September, 2013, the Ordos municipal commission office of public reform approved the establishment of the Airport Logistics Park branch of Ordos Land and Resources Bureau. Collectively, these ten departments were confirmed to have 29 leading or assisting roles, and 21 of them are currently in position.

In addition, the park's office of public security and office of taxation obtained establishment approval by their corresponding superior authority. Four enterprises directly under the park's management were also founded for the park's development.

To date, the park's administration committee has 51 staff, with 106 employees in Ordos Logistics Park Construction Investment Co Ltd, 193 workers of public welfare positions, and 79 formal employees in the enterprises directly within the park.

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