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Nanyang issues special plates for new energy vehicles

Updated: Dec 29, 2017 Print
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A police officer of Nanyang Traffic Management Department installs the special license plate on a new energy car on Dec 25. [Photo by Wang Linxiao/Nanyang Evening Post]

Following the footsteps of five pilot cities, Nanyang has begun to use specially designated license plates for new energy vehicles on Dec 25, answering the country's call to reduce air pollution and save energy.

To distinguish itself with the traditional blue license plate, the new one is 40 millimeters wider and has an additional digit. Plates for small new energy cars are green, symbolizing environmental protection and technology. The larger vehicles will have green and yellow plates.

New energy vehicle owners can go to the Nanyang Traffic Management Department in person to choose the plate number they prefer from 50 alternatives. Or they can simply pick up one at or via the mobile app Traffic Management 12123.

The charge for the license plates remains at 100 yuan ($15.28) each. New energy car owners who already have a license plate can continue to use the old one, which won't affect the normal use or enjoyment of preferential policies.

As of 5 pm on Dec 25, Nanyang Traffic Management Department had already issued 180 license plates for new energy vehicles in the city. The number is expected to grow in the future, with the booming market on the horizon and governmental support for new energy cars.

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