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Tongxiang Economic Development Zone

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Tongxiang Economic Development Zone (桐乡经济开发区) in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province, was established in July 1992. The provincial government approved the zone as one of the first provincial economic development zones in November 1993. From a planned area of 85 square kilometers, the zone already boasts 28 sq km of finished construction. 

Under development for more than 20 years, Tongxiang Economic Development Zone has risen to become a main platform for attracting investment to Tongxiang. In 2016, the total industrial output value of the zone was 35.915 billion yuan ($5.43 billion), with a profit of 2.964 billion yuan. The contractual foreign capital was $240 million, with $19,000 actually utilized. Domestic investment outside Tongxiang reached 187,000 yuan.

Tongxiang Economic Development Zone is home to more than 380 enterprises, including 164 with annual industrial output value above 20 million yuan, and 47 above 100 million yuan. Tongkun Group, Jushi Group, Huayou Cobalt, NAMAG, Hozon Auto and numerous other leading enterprises have established bases in the Tongxiang zone, forming an emerging industrial cluster combining new energy, new materials, electronic information and mechanical industry. 


New energy and new material industry

New materials: industrial chains of glass fiber composites and cobalt-nickel new materials.

New energy: biomass energy, wind energy, hydrogen fuel cells, new energy electric control box conditioning equipment, LED and green lights, photovoltaic.

Representative enterprises:

By 2016, more than 30 new energy and new material enterprises were residing in the zone, including Jushi Group, Huayou Cobalt, Tongkun Group, Huazhang Electric (Tongxiang), Zhejiang Hi-tech Renewable Energy Company and Zhejiang Jiaao Enprotech Stock Company.


[Photo provided from Tongxiang Economic Development Zone]

Automobile and spare parts industry

The zone predominantly manufactures recreational vehicles and specialty vehicles, new energy vehicles and auto parts such as automotive engines and air-conditioner compressors. It develops automobile brake systems, hubs and wheels, transmission systems and steering systems. 

Representative enterprises:

By 2016, the zone was hosting more than 50 auto parts manufacturing companies and auto service companies, including Daide Long Tree auto Co Ltd, Hozon Auto, Shuanghuan Gear (Jiaxing) Precision Manufacturing Co Ltd.

Internet industry

In accordance with the World Internet Conference, Tongxiang Economic Development Zone provides strongly preferential policies and professional services, developing industrial Internet environments for Internet Plus industrial agglomeration.

Representative enterprises:

We Doctor Group,, Yingmi Tech

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