Civil affairs

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1. Be responsible for registration, assessment and management of local social organizations and private non-business units; supervise social activities. 

2. Support and give preferential treatment to military personnel, commend martyrs, review level of disabilities, apply for and approve the honorary title of "Martyr", guide the management of memorial buildings for martyrs. 

3. Take charge of resettlement, employment and supply-work of demobilized soldier and officers, retired cadres, and retired military employees without military status.

4. Organize and guide disaster relief and reduction, and social assistance. 

5. Guide social welfare programs, and construction of the system of social services for the elderly.

6. Promote construction of rural and urban communities, setting up village committees and community service teams. 

7. Take charge of registration and management of marriage, funeral and child adoptions.

8. Be responsible for the administration of social welfare units and protect rights of disabled workers. 

9. Help with resettlement of immigrants from reservoirs.

10. Issue welfare lotteries and manage welfare lottery funds.

11. Draft plans and policies regarding talent development and social work. 

12. Financial planning and statistical work of civil affairs.

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