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I. Decision-making organization: Ningbo Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs

II. Acceptance widow: acceptance window of "foreigner work permit in China", floor 2 district E of service hall, Ningbo Administrative Service Center (Ningchuan Road No 1901, Yinzhou district)

III. To manage foreigners working in China, how many types (categories) are they classified into?

Foreigners working in China are managed based on three types: Type A is top talent; Type B is professional talent; Type C is ordinary personnel. 

IV. What kind of applicants can be identified as top talents (Type A)?

Top talents are the scientists, technical leading talents, international entrepreneurs and talents with special skills who are critical to China's economic and social development. Those who are in line with the point-based system can also be regarded as top talents. 

Unlimited by age, educational background and work experience, the top talents can enjoy the policy of "Green Channel" and their application can be accepted even when they haven’t prepared all the application materials. 

V. Entry to which talent introduction plans of Ningbo city qualifies foreigners be identified as type A?

Ningbo 3315 plan, Ningbo "overseas engineer" plan and Ningbo Camellia Awards.

VI. What kind of applicants can be identified as professional talents (Type B)?

Professional talents need to be in line with Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreigners Working in China and job requirements, be critical for social and economic development, hold bachelor degrees or above, have two-year or above work experience, and no older than 60 years’ old. The restrictions can be relaxed if the applicant is in need and he or she is talented in innovation and entrepreneur, or is an outstanding graduate, or in line with point-based standard for foreign talents, or is performing intergovernmental agreements.  

VII. Which type does foreigners engaged in language teaching belong to? What qualifications do they need to have?

They belong to professional talents. They are required to engage in the teaching of their native languages, hold bachelor degree or above and have two-year experience in language teaching. Those who hold bachelor degree or above in education, language or normal category, acquire teaching qualification in China, or acquire international language teaching certificate are not restricted by the requirements on work experience.  

VIII. What kind of applicants can be identified as ordinary personnel (Type C)?

Other foreigners that can meet the demand of domestic labor market and comply with China’s regulations and policies. 

IX. Since April 1, how can the employing units apply for the businesses related to "foreigners working in China permit"?

Since April 1, the online application system "Service System for Foreigners Working in China" ( or was put into use around the country. The applicants can also find the link of the service system at the official website of State Administration of Foreign Affairs P. R. China (

X. Application procedures of foreign work permit and foreign expert invitation letter (work in China for more than 90 days, excluding 90 days): 

1. Online application

2. Online preliminary review

3. Acceptance

4. Review

5. Making decision

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