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Application organization: Social Affairs Office of Harbin Municipal Civil Administration Bureau



Add: No 187 Xiangan Street, Xiangfang district, Harbin

Application conditions

According to the Adoption Law, a stepfather or stepmother should get the approval of a stepchild's biological parents to adopt the child. The adoptive parents should apply for the adoption at a relevant institution in the district of the adopted child’s biological parents.


1.An application to express the adopter's will to adopt the child

2.The adopter's household registration and identity card. The marriage certificate of the adopter and the adopted child's father or mother.

3.Certificates of the adopter's marital status and family information issued by the adopter's work unit or community residential committees. The certificates should be stamped with official seals.

4.The adopted child's biological father's (or mother's) household registration, identity card and written materials with adoption agreement.


Procedure for adoption: application, examination and registration

Handling time

The adoption registration institution should review the materials within 30 days after accepting the application for adoption. If the adopter is qualified for the application, the institution will register for the adopter and issue an adoption registration certificate.

What materials are required for overseas Chinese to adopt mainland children?

1.The adopter is an overseas Chinese

(1)The adopter submits a written application to the adoption registration institution


(3)The relevant institution of the country where the adopter is resident should issue materials regarding the adopter’s age, marital status, occupation, property, health condition, whether the adopter has children or has ever been subject to criminal sanction. The materials should be authenticated by the adopter’s resident country’s diplomatic institutions or their authorized agencies, and the Chinese Embassy in the resident country as well. 

(4)Adoption of child has the same collateral blood within three generations should submit: ① the agreement signed by the adopter and the adopted child’s biological father or mother; ②kinship certificate of the adopter and the adopted child’s biological father or mother issued by  public security organization or notary agency.

(5)If persons placing the child for adoption are the child’s biological parents, they should sign an agreement with the local family planning department to promise that they won’t violate the provisions of family planning.

(6)The marriage certificate, divorce certificate or spouse’s death certificate of the adopter and the person placing the child for adoption. 



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