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The Longtan Hydropower Station [Photo provided to]


The Longtan Hydropower Station [Photo/IC]

Hechi is home to many rivers, with a high river density and various terrains, and abounds in hydropower resources. Its hydropower resource reserves approximates 10 million kilowatts, accounting for more than 50 percent of hydropower resources in Guangxi, which makes Hechi a future energy center for South China.

Abundant in power resources, Hechi has a total of 148 hydroelectric power stations, with an installed gross capacity of 8.5 million kilowatts. Larger stations in the area include the Longtan Hydropower Station with an installed capacity of 4.9 million kw, Yantan Power Station with an installed capacity of 1.81 million kw and the 560,000 kw Dahua Power Station.

The Longtan Hydropower Station is currently responsible for the development and construction of the Longtan Hydropower Project, a significant project of the nation's Western Development Program and West-East Electricity Transmission Project.

It has an installed capacity of 5.4 million kW in the long run, making it second only to the Three Gorges Dam and the biggest on the Hongshui River.

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