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Guanzhuang Industrial Area

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Guanzhuang Industrial Area(官庄工区)

Guanzhuang Industrial Area was set up on Dec 4, 2009. In July 2010, its Party Working Committee and Administrative Committee were launched. Currently, the area occupies an area of 132.5 square kilometers, 80.66 square kilometers of which are farmlands, with a population of approximately 230,000 people (excluding the floating population).

Guanzhuang Industrial Area emphasizes on its foundation and long-term planning. It formulates five-year plans, which includes strategic planning, overall planning, detailed planning of industrial clusters, planning on a landscape design along the Jianhe River, and planning on the service center for the Guanzhuang athletes competing at the Peasants Games.

The area has 119 projects listed as major projects in the 12th Five-Year plan period (2011-2015), of which 50 are industrial projects totaling a 42.71 billion yuan  ($6.5 billion)  investment; 23 are infrastructure projects, with a 12.484 billion yuan investment; 26 are social projects, with a 5.37 billion yuan investment; 20 are agricultural or other projects, with a 5.55 billion yuan investment and 13 projects are provincial projects, with a 10.76 billion yuan investment.

The area also supports the expansion of the oil refineries' capacity. The project is one of the major projects of oilfields in Henan. Therefore, the area adjusted its overall planning by building a 3-square-kilometer petrochemical industrial park near the refined wax factory to facilitate the expansion.

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