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Hechi Urban Industrial Park

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The Hechi Urban Industrial Park (河池城区工业园区) was founded in June 2003. It was named an A-class park in December 2007, and was divided into Dongjiang and Babu sections for management. The Dongjiang section has an area of 10.54 square kilometers and the Babu section covers 5.18 square kilometers. 

The Dongjiang section sits in the east of Jinchengjiang River, an administration and culture center of Hechi, and enjoys well-developed transportation. The Jinchengjiang-Yizhou Highway runs across the whole section, and Guangxi-Guizhou railway's Dongjiang station is at the section. The section is less than one kilometers away from the Yizhou-Liuzhai Highway, six kilometers from the downtown area of Hechi, 240 kilometers from Nanning, 330 kilometers from Guilin, 160 kilometers from Liuzhou and 400 kilometers from Guiyang. The superior location helps enterprises improve market competitiveness. The section has sound water supply and drainage, power supply, road, street lamps, communications, television and network facilities that can fully meet enterprise's production and living needs.

Dongjiang relies on local resource and geographical advantages to upgrade traditional industry and develop resource-oriented emerging and high-tech industries. It aims to build itself into a comprehensive park featuring agricultural and sideline products processing, machinery manufacturing, chemical pharmaceuticals, biological products and new materials development. At present, the park has brought in 31 enterprises, including the Guangxi Bodong Food Co, the Guangxi Huying Cement Co, the Guangxi Qinde Technology Co, the Guangxi New Dragon Pharmaceutical Co, the Sany Group and the Liuzhou Yanlong Automobile Co. A total of 15 companies have gone into production, and eight are under construction. The section realized 1.5 billion yuan ($226.9 million) in total industrial output value, 320 million yuan in industrial added value, and 50 million yuan in tax revenue. 

The Dongjiang section will continue to improve infrastructure and functions with Hechi's urbanization, and transform itself into a modern industrial park. 

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