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Ningbo Daxie Development Zone

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Ningbo Daxie Development Zone (宁波大榭开发区) is located at a T-shaped juncture of the Yangtze River golden watercourse and golden coastline of China, east of Ningbo, about 40 kilometers from the city center.

NDDZ borders a key international navigation route and has the Zhoushan Islands as its natural shelter.The zone boasts 10.7 kilometers of deep-water coastline, with a water depth reaching 20 to 30 meters at about 150 meters from the shore.Its area is ideal for warehousing and distribution, as well as various industrial projects.

NDDZ is connected to the national road network by Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway and to the national railway network by Xiaoshan-Ningbo Double Track. Daxie is about 50 kilometers away from Ningbo Lishe Airport. It takes just over two hours by car to reach Shanghai across the Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge.

On March 5, 1993, China International Trust and Investment Corporation (CITIC) Group was approved by the State Council to undertake the overall development of Daxie Island and take advantage of the policies granted to state-level economic and technological development zones. The CITIC Daxie Development Company was established, and Daxie Development Zone Administrative Committee, was set up simultaneously to perform administrative functions on behalf of the Ningbo municipal government.

Founded in October 1979, CITIC Group is a state-owned enterprise. It has been developed into a large-scale multinational enterprise group with conducting numerous services, such as finance, information, investment, consultation, real estate, tourism and trade.

NDDZ is to be a port and export-oriented economic development zone with a well-developed tertiary industry, sound functions and elegant environment.

Facilities in NDDZ

NDDZ has invested more than 3 billion yuan ($449.55 million) to upgrade the infrastructure such as water supply, electricity, and road construction. Currently, the road networks and ample water and electricity supply are able to satisfy various requirements of all kinds of projects.

Water supply

Water for industrial and daily use is supplied via the Ningbo water supply system, with a daily capacity of 150,000 tons.

Electricity supply

With an installed capacity of more than 4.5 thousand kW, Ningbo has become a critical energy base in East China.At the DNNZ, electricity is supplied through the East China electricity supply system. At present, one 220kV and seven 110kV transformer substations with double-circuit electricity supply have been constructed. It is planned that by 2030, there will be three 200kV and ten 110kV transformer substations built there.

Steam supply

Located in Xiebei Petrochemical Industrial Park, Daxie Thermal Power Plant is installed with two 50,000kW double extraction condensing steam turbines, equipped with two circulating fluidized bed boilers, each with a capacity of 280 t/h. The steam supply capacity per hour reaches 400 tons of 10 barg and 40 barg.

Natural gas

The natural gas pipeline from East Sea Chunxiao Natural Gas Field has been built through the mainland side of Daxie Cross-sea Bridge, with an annual supply capacity of 2.5 billion cubic meters.

Sewage disposal

There are two sewage treatment plants at the DNNZ, with a daily sewage treatment capacity of 40,000 tons.


Various communication services are available, such as program-controlled telephones, WiFi networks, fiber access and broadband data exchanges.

Economic development of NDDZ

Daxie has been developed into one of three petrochemical industrial bases in Ningbo. Meanwhile, it is also a core port area of Ningbo port, and an important energy transit base in East China.

NDDZ has become a zone led by its port-based petrochemical industry. A number of Global Fortune 500 companies and leading enterprises, including CNOOC, Mitsubishi Chemical, Hanwha Chemical, Linde Industrial Gases, Hansen & Rosenthal and the Lewin Group, have invested in Daxie.

A total of four industrial parks have been established on the site, namely the Wanhua Industrial Park, CNOOC Daxie Petrochemical Base, Mitsubishi Chemical Industrial Park and Xiebei New Material Industrial Park.

The port logistics industry, modern service industry and traditional manufacturing in Daxie have also undergone successful development. In 2011, Daxie passed an assessment by the World Health Organization (WHO), and was named an International Sanitary Port, the fifth in China and the first in Zhejiang.

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