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1. Rich agricultural resources

Tai'an is endowed with quality soil, good climate and rich biological resources.

The city is China's big production base for crops, oil products, fruits, vegetables, livestock, poultry and pollution-free farm produce.

To date, Tai'an boasts more than 30 types of branded products. Leading these branded products are chestnut, walnut, tea, red ganoderma, fleece-flower root in Taian, peach in Feicheng city, date in Ningyang county and hairy crab in Dongping county.

Planting areas with distinct features are earmarked to cultivate green food, such as four bases producing pollution-free farm produce and 42 bases producing organic vegetables.

Tai'an is now home to 11 enterprises engaged in food processing.

2. Diverse mineral resources

Tai'an boasts rich mineral resources. Nearly 60 types of minerals have already been confirmed in 303 areas, presenting a total of 49.75 billion tons, half of the total amount of the solid minerals in Shandong, its home province.


To date, 458 million tons of iron reserves have been identified, mainly scattered in Dongping county and Daiyue district in Tai'an's urban areas.


3.6 million tons of alumyte reserves have been identified scattered in Ningyang countyand Xintai city.


2.5 billion tons of coal reserves have been identified scattered in Xintai city, Feicheng city, Ningyang county and Dongping county.

Sulfurous iron ore

602,000 tons of sulfurous iron ore reserves have been identified scattered in Xintai city.


3.2 billion tons of sulphurite reserves with an average tenor of 9.91 percent have been identified mainly scattered in Daiyue district.


35 billion tons of gypsum reserves have been identified with alabaster, crystal gypsum and sericolite taking the bulk.


7.5 billion tons of halite covering 36.4 square kilometers have been discovered. The halite presents an average salt content of 86.7 percent.


Some 5 billion tons of limestone reserves have been identified. Both Xintai city and Feicheng city boast at least one million tons of limestone with an average tenor of 45.29 to 50.02 percent.

Potassium feldspar

25.6 million tons of potassium feldspar has been identified mainly existing in Xintai city.


With a total reserve of 5 billion cubic meters, granite mainly exists around the Mount Tai. To date, 12 types of granite have been discovered and exploited.

3. Attractive tourism resources

Tai'an is rich in natural resources. The city is dotted with the following scenic spots.

Besides Mount Tai, there are historic sites and Buyang Village in Taishan district is famous for its folk customs.

Culai National Forest Park, Dawenkou historic site and ruins of Great Wall built during the state of Qi (BC 1046- 221) in Daiyue district.

In Feicheng city, the scenery includes 100,000 mu of peach, the tomb for Fanli (China's historic politician, strategist and economist) and tomb for Zuoqiu Ming (BC 556-451, Chinese historian).

Dongping county is home to the well-known Dongping Lake and Mount La National Forest.

Tai'an authorities give priority to tourism development which encompasses six aspects: cafes, hotels, traffic, sightseeing, shopping and entertainment.

Tourism services have been upgraded all around with several star-rated hotels built, a tourism consulting system optimized and souvenirs developed.

Cultural festivals have been cultivated to cater to tourists. These festivals are led by Dongyue Temple Fair, Mount Tai International Climbing Festival and Feicheng Peach-picking Day.

Efforts put on building the tourism industry have paid off with Tai'an welcoming over 10 million tourists every year, making tourism a pillar industry of the city.

4. Human Resources

Tai'an is a place of institutions of higher learning and scientific research. There are four universities and colleges famous home and abroad:Shandong Agricultural University, University of Science and Technology of Shandong, Taishan Medical College and Taishan College. There are also three academicians of the Chinese Academy of Science and Chinese Academy of Engineering.

5. Complete supporting facilities

Tai'an has first-class power supply capacity and facilities. The total installed capacity of the city's power plant is 3 million kilowatts and the installed capacity of Taishan pumped storage power station is 1 million kilowatts, ensuring that Tai'an has the most secure and reliable regional power grid in the country. Tai'an has adequate supplies for water, gas and heat and advanced facilities for sewage treatment. The city's telephone popularity rate ranks at the forefront of Shandong province. With the rapid development of digitization project, its e-government affairs and e-commerce have reached advanced levels. Tai'an has Customs and entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, which make paperless clearance of expert goods and the inspection and quarantine procedures of personnel and cargo faster and more convenient.

6. Advantageous geographical location

Situated in the continental half-moist monsoon climate district of the Temperate Zone, Tai'an enjoys a pleasant climate with an annual average temperature of 13℃ (26.4℃ in July and -2.6℃ in January) and an annual average precipitation of 697mm.

Tai'an is one of the north-south transportation hubs in China. More than 87 trains call at the Tai'an station every day. Beijing-Shanghai Expressway and Beijing-Fuzhou State Highway join up here. West Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway also stops at Tai'an station.

The routes from Tai'an to Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Nanjing and Zhengzhou takes less than six hours, and to key ports of Qingdao, Rizhao and Lianyungang, it takes less than four. The upcoming Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway from Tan'an to Beijing only takes two hours and to Shanghai it only takes three. Tai'an is 80 kilometers away from Jinan International Airport and it tone hour away from Seoul, Korea and two hours from Tokyo, Japan by air. 

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